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What will Tony Pena Jr's (TPJ) 2008 season be remember for?

Question: What will Tony Pena Jr's (TPJ) 2008 season be remember for?

Why I asked the question: In 2008 TPJ had a memorable year where he pitched an inning of relief, got walked intentionally to get to one of the MLB leaders for batting with runners in scoring position (RISP) and having his own bobblehead while being one of the worst hitters ever in baseball history.


Pitching – On July 21 in the ninth inning of a 19-4 blowout loss TPJ was brought in to pitch the ninth. The first He threw around 90 MPH, made a great play on high chopper and struck out Ivan Rodriguez on curve on a way to a 1-2-3 inning. It is currently available to be viewed at:

Intentional Base on Balls (IBB) - Walked a total of 6 times in 235 Plate appearances and two were IBB. One was against the on may 16 was against the Florida Marlins and it was to get to the pitchers spot (Brett Tomko). The one on April 25th is a whole different story. He was at the time batting a blistering .177 and was up.

Blue Jays took a 4-2 lead the inning before by scoring 3 runs. The Royals then tied it up and had runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out and decided to walk TPJ to get to David DeJesus (which for the season hit .317 with RISP) came up, ripped a single, scoring 2 runs and giving the Royals the lead.

John Gibbons the coach on the time that walk TPJ was fired by the Toronto Blue Jays and hired by the Kansas City Royals

Bobblehead - This my be the worst promotion in the history of the Royals. At the beginning of the season the Royals decided to have a TPJ bobble head give away. TPJ didn't have a great season the previous year, so if your going to have a giveaway night, have it early in the season. Instead someone in the marketing department decided to have it on September 6th. The Royals were forced to take up a roster with TPJ because it would just look too bad if he was let go before his bobblehead day. Trey Hilliman at least didn't play TPJ at SS that day and went with Mike Aviles for the entire game.

TPJ's hitting - Tony did an historical bad job of hitting in 2008. Here is his line:























In modern baseball, Tony's season ranks as the 6th worst everyday hitter of all time (

On June 6th the Royals finally made Mike Aviles there full time SS and really turned the season around for them. Before June 6th, the Royals had a record of 23-37 and after that they went 52-50.

TPJ's season will be remember for the combination of being the the Worst Position Player to be intentionally walked, throwing a shutout inning and an these feats immortalized at the end of the the season by having your own bobblehead night.

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